Supporting Health Care Journey of Patients with Movement Disorders

The αCare SENS™ is a platform supporting the neurologist and the patients, through the different stages of the movement disorder patient’s healthcare journey.

We will offer you valuable data from the OR and make patients' sysmptom data accessible for you

Alpha Omega is working with leading functional neurologists around the world to optimize the αCare SENS™ platform with the vision to bring tools and neural solutions that lead to a better life.

αCare SENS™ :

  • αCare Signify - Yearly check up for the healthy population (under development)
  • αCare Evaluate - Screening and therapy referrals (under development)
  • αCare Navigate - Alpha Omega offers its DBS Navigation Tools 
  • αCare Set - Optimizing programing for better patient life quality





Key Features:

  • A platform for documenting patients sessions, monitoring and programing patients
  • Access to data from home monitoring
  • Patient data from the OR
  • Wearable Sensors
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Experience you can rely on

We’ve been working to enable excellence in navigation for Deep Brain Stimulation for more than 25 years,

and continue to set the standard for award-winning tools to contribute to better quality of life for everyone