A Microphone for voice recording that is fully time-synchronized with electrophysiological recordings

The NeuroMic is a microphone fully-integrated in our data acquisition systems via USB plug-and-play interface. This enables seamless voice recording fully time-synchronized with electrophysiological recordings*, annotations of an event like patient feedback and side effects for both clinical and research applications. The data recorded using NeuroMic can also be easily imported into MATLAB for analysis along with electrophysiological recordings.

  • Record physician voice annotations
  • Record patient voice during kinesthetic testing and speech-related research
  • Start and stop recording with the click of a button
  • USB plug and play connectivity
  • Voice recordings are timestamped and synchronized with electrophysiological recordings
  • Recordings are saved in a simple WAV audio format

* Alpha Omega Sonus microphonic-free electrodes recommended for speech artifact suppression in electrophysiological recordings