Key Qualities:

Alpha Omega has developed a tool to enable seamless connectivity between the most common DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) leads on the market and Alpha Omega’s microelectrode recording systems.

During DBS surgeries, LeadConfirm is used for recording and stimulation through the implanted lead; and assisting Neurosurgeons, in the placement of a compatible DBS Lead

  • Can be used during direct DBS procedures, without Microelectrode Recording stage, as an affirmation that the lead is placed optimally.
  • Connection cables are compatible with common DBS leads on the market
  • Record from up to 10 contacts of DBS lead with a single Drive Headstage
  • Stimulate through all lead contacts
  • Compatible with segmented leads
  • Display Continuous LFP recording for all contacts simultaneously
  • Calculate Power spectrum density (PSD) for all contacts simultaneously including time and distance from target


Abbott Leads Compatible LeadConfirm

Boston Scientific Leads Compatible LeadConfirm

Medtronic Leads Compatible LeadConfirm

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The product is sterile- intended for one use only