Key features

AlphaComm-A is a motorized commutator that senses and tracks rotations induced in the tethers connected to an animal in a free moving set up. This ensures that the tethers are free of entanglement while the animal moves in the arena.
The slip-ring commutator is a user-friendly & state of the art motorized commutator solution that supports both neural recording and stimulation (optical and electrical) and seamlessly interfaces with the AlphaLab SnR. AlphaComm commutator ensures an ultra-quiet environment for recording due to superior electrical shielding. The system background noise for the entire set up with the commutator, preamps and Headstage is 2uV RMS. The Headstage cable is ultra-flexible and lightweight to give more freedom to the moving animal and efficiently transfer torque to the commutator’s sensor. AlphaComm is powered by a Lithium-ion battery that lasts at least 6 hours on one charge. It charges by DC 5V power. No computer interface is required for operation.